Our Home Inspection Services

Whether you are a home buyer, seller, or owner, our home inspection services will give you the knowledge required to purchase or maintain your home. No matter what stage you are in regarding home ownership, it is important to understand how the house works. Maintaining your investment is key. Knowing the systems of the home are working properly can ensure that your home is a safe and sound investment for you and your family. Using the latest in thermal imaging and moisture detection technology. Rankin Home Inspections will help you make an informed decision, while giving you the information needed to maintain your property in the future.

Pre-offer (5 point) home inspection

In the current housing market, having the condition of a home inspection included with your offer to purchase is not always possible. And while having a full inspection completed is ideal, our 5 point inspections are the next best option to provide valuable insight into the condition of the home including the roof, heating & cooling systems, foundation (moisture leakage), plumbing, and electrical systems. Have piece of mind with your with your offer and potential property purchase and Book Your 5 Point Inspection Today!

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Home Buyer’s Inspection

Pre-Purchase inspections, also known as the buyers inspection help to ensure that the home of your dreams is in the condition you expect. Buying a home is the biggest purchase most of us will make in our lifetime. Having knowledge of the property condition before purchase allows for an informed buying decision and reduces the risk of major costly issues.

Purchasing a home can be a stressful process and more so if the home has issues that were not evident before buying. A pre-purchase inspection gives the buyer comfort in knowing the condition and operation of the home.

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Post PURCHASE Buyer’s Inspection

Post-Purchase inspections, With current housing market conditions, while ideal, it is not always possible to have an inspection performed prior to purchase. This doesn’t mean that you should not know of any issues that should or need be addressed to protect you in the long term and ensure your home is a safe place.
Our post inspection services do just that and ensure buyers know their home. Post inspection services are completed in the same manor as a standard home inspection and include a full digital report, list of any defects along with a suggested time-frame for any need repairs.

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Sellers (Pre-Listing) Home Inspection

Home inspections are becoming a necessity for home buyers. Pre-Listing inspections help the home seller gain an advantage in the selling process. Sellers who have knowledge of any deficiencies will have the ability to correct problems before the home buyer finds them. In doing so the seller may increase the value of the property and reduce the time on the market.

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Tarion (NEW HOME) WARRANTY Inspection

Even newly constructed homes have defects that have been missed or have presented since taking possession of the home. Tarion Inspections are generally completed between 30 days and 1 year of owning the home. A new Home Warranty Inspection can save you the costs of future repairs or maintenance that could be covered under the New Home Warranty Program.

Dates are important when it comes to Tarion Inspections. Make sure you check the expiration date for the Tarion time-frame for submissions and that you schedule your inspection before this time period expires.

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Home Maintenance Inspection

There is very little in a home that is maintenance free. A maintenance inspection provides a homeowner with the necessary information needed to maintain and improve the value of the home. Maintenance inspections can help a home owner prioritize repair needs, extend the life of many components in the home and reduce the risk of major repairs in the future. Inspections are generally recommended every 3 to 5 years to identify conditions so corrective action can be taken.

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Digital inspection Technology

Using the latest in inspection technology – we view the home from a whole other perspective

Digital Reporting

Report delivery is generally within 24hrs of the end of inspection. Reports are emailed in digital format for easy viewing. A verbal overview of the property will take place onsite throughout the inspection process. This ensures that clients have a good knowledge of the homes condition before leaving the property.

During the inspection clients are encouraged to follow along and ask question. After the inspection contact us with any questions that arise.

Thermal Imaging

See beyond what the human eye can see. Thermal Imaging allows for a more detailed and in depth look into the home locating otherwise unseen defects of the property. Using thermal technology it is possible to detect moisture intrusion, missing insulation, leaking plumbing, drafty areas of the home, overheating electrical and much more. The thermal camera will give a visual of potential issues that may have been concealed by recent finishes or have gone undetected for years.

Moisture Intrusion

Water entry into the home is one of the biggest concerns we hear from home buyers, sellers, and owners. Moisture entry can lead to potential mold and mildew issues, but can also cause significant damage to the structure of the home. Repairs and remediation can be expensive while posing a risk to the health of the people in the home. This is why we use our moisture meters in conjunction with thermal imaging on every inspection to help ensure your home will be a dry and safe environment.