"Know Your Home" with a Rankin Home Inspection!

Why Use Thermal Imaging During Home Inspections?

What can a thermal imaging inspection find in your home?

Moisture Intrusion

Exterior water leakage can cause serious problems in your home, not only to interior finishes but the structure as well!  Thermal imaging home inspections can help to see what the human eye cannot, revealing wet and potential problem areas that may otherwise go undetected.

The best thing to do is stop the problem before it gets worse. Water leaks that go undetected (and it happens quicker than you think) promote, rot in wood, lead to mould growth, and can become serious life safety and health hazards due to the degrading structure or breathing mould spores.

Leaky Plumbing Pipes

Pipes can leak for quite sometime before the problem is noticed. Not all pipe leaks are major and show up right away. Thermal imaging home inspections can help to reveal leaking pipes and plumbing. Correcting the problem before it causes any major damage to structure or finishes will not only save money in the long run but will also ensure that the structure of your home stays intact.

Points of Heat Loss

A Thermal imaging home inspection can save you money by identifying areas of the home that are missing insulation and losing heat helping to reduce utility bills. Missing insulation in walls can cause a loss of heat or cool air during heating and cooling seasons causing your furnace or air-conditioner to work that much harder to keep up with demand.  Knowing if and where these problems exist can greatly help in keeping more money in your pocket!

Overheating Electrical

Overheating electrical components are dangerous!  Posing a serious risk to the safety of your family and home,  a thermal imaging home inspection can help to identify problem areas before they turn into a life safety situation. Having the knowledge of this potentially dangerous situation allows for the problem to be fixed before that problem becomes an emergency!